Dorothy Bunny Bowen
Bee-coming rarer

The Honeybee: Bee-coming Rarer

Rozome on Silk charmeuse, with habotai side pieces.
Aspen hanger by the artist.
Original piece: 60 x 28"
Private collection.

The European honeybee has fallen victim to several maladies in recent years: parasitic mites, Colony Collapse Disorder, and general decline. The EPA and the European Union are investigating the widespread use of neonicotinoid insecticides as a major culprit. These are found in many backyard garden treatments, as well as in Advantage flea and tick control for pets. When buying flowers at nurseries, consider asking about whether the grower used neonics. These are choices we can make.

Below: Detail. A limited edition of giclee prints is now available for $50 each plus shipping.

Bee-Coming Rarer, detail