Dorothy Bunny Bowen

Owl, detail

Bobcat. detail

Rabbit. detail






Rozome on Silk, hanging
Textile size 60 x 15"
Includes handcarved wooden hanging rod from Bali
Private collection

Last August I was startled by the sight of a beautiful bobcat in our side yard. As I watched, her two kittens appeared and began to toss a tiny dead cottontail, rolling in the grama grass and tussling like two domestic kittens. The mother lay down under a juniper and kept vigil as they played.

This went on for about 45 minutes, as I stood inside by the window not 20 feet away.

Finally they moved on. It would have been easy to doubt that it had really happened, but for the wallowed-down grass.

A few weeks later in the dusk we heard a great horned owl, and spotted it high in a dead cottonwood by the garden. Sadly, a few days later we found one of the bobcat kittens dead nearby, its back ripped by the talons of the owl. Likely the owl had attacked it, perhaps dropped it, then was scared off by the mother.

Predator had become prey, all part of the net.

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